About Us

What do we really do?

We are in the people business.  In a nutshell, we help match the products that are on the market with the people who want to buy them.  It’s really common knowledge, people buy lots of stuff.  Well, we want to be your Supplier for that said stuff and we are going to cut out the  middlemen so that you, our new friend, receive better service and better prices.

Our Vision

We purposefully set out to be a customer first organization from our inception.  We expect that our customer will be pleasantly surprised with the level of customer service provided.  We acknowledge that buying products online can be worrisome at times.  We use the highest level of protection available to keep our customer and their personal and financial data safe.  Our goal is to continue to grow our already large customer base, and maintain a long lasting business relationship with them for the future to come.

Company History

Our company began over 23 years ago as a family run, small business.  We started out in college as a humble home repair and house painting company with the intention to help subsidize the cost of tuition for college.  Our company grew in size when my wife started a new division for a commercial cleaning and supply business.  Working in this industry we learned the art of customer service. After 24 years of providing goods and services to our local community, we decided to expand our sales map a little bit more broad, like as in the Whole world!

Gives us a try, you won’t be disappointed.

When was the last time you went Big Time?